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Dr. Pratima Mittal

Dr. Pratima Mittal

Graduation: Post Medical College, Amritsar (1997)
Internal Medicine House Membership: Civil Hospital, Jalandhar (1998)
E.N.T. Horsemanship: Civil Hospital, Jalandhar (1999)
Post Graduation: Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (2003)
Professional Affiliations:

Life Member, Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Life Member, National Neonatology Forum
Life Member, Indian Red Cross Society
Life Member, NARCHI (National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India)

Newborn Care
Preventive Health Measures
Pediatric Examination
Adolescent Psychology
Vaccine Administration
Child Nutrition & Parent Education
Family Guidance
Medical & E.N.T. Issues in Children
Professional Profile:

Dedicated and caring pediatrician with extensive experience in delivering quality child care and supporting the obstetric care team.
Assisted in over 2000 successful childbirths and provided postpartum counseling to ensure the well-being of newborns and mothers.
Over 21 years of professional experience in conducting annual physical examinations and vaccinations.
Developed care plans at Chawla Nursing Home and Maternity Hospital to optimize child health and minimize physical and psychological complications.
Clear and thorough in prescribing medications and explaining their side effects to parents and family members.
Offers guidance to pediatric patients on various issues including vaccine administration, developmental milestones, behavioral disorders, nutrition, and hygiene.
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